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Playing QuizWitz

Welcome to the guide for quiz players. You can play solo or with friends.

Choose what to play

First, you browse through the available Round-Abouts. You can use different menu tabs:

  • New: Browse through the newest Round-Abouts
  • My Collection: Browse through Round-Abouts that you collected or created. You can also publish your own Round-Abouts
  • Collect: Find, play or collect Round-Abouts created by other members
  • Quick Play: Play randomly selected Round-Abouts

QuizWitz top navigation bar

TIP: You can also play your own collection in one go. Just click 'My Collection' and then click the 'Play my collection' button. Enjoy!

Choose a Round-About to play

A Round-About is the smallest collection of questions. It’s one game round about a certain topic. If you want to know more about the Round-About, click on the image, the title or the comments icon as shown on the image with pointers.

QuizWitz round-about details

Ready to play? Click one of the buttons marked by a square.

Collect Round-Abouts

Playing a single Round-About isn't much fun: the game will only pick 7 random questions from the Round-About and then the game will be finished. It's much more fun to play a game with multiple rounds.

If you want to add a Round-About to your personal collection for safekeeping, you can click add to my collection in the Round-About settings. Alternatively, you can click the little start in the top right of the Round-About description.

You can also discard Round-Abouts from your Collection by clicking this same button. It will be named Remove from my collection at this time.

Just click My Collection in the main menu to manage and play all your quiz games.

Add a Round-About to your collection

Now that you have selected a bunch of interesting Round-Abouts, you are ready to play a random selection of them.

Play my collection

Select your game mode (Single player or Party game) and then select which Round-Abouts you want to include in your random game. The game will try to make sure to only ask questions that have not been asked before.

Play my collection - step 2

In game

Once the game has loaded, you can either play alone or with other people in your home:

Single player

Select Start and then choose Single Player. And you're off... Good luck!

QuizWitz start screen QuizWitz start screen single player

The game will start, you can answer with your mouse, touch and keyboard.

Party game

So you want to play a quiz game with friends? Sound neat, we've got you covered!

TIP: Make sure you have a visual on the main quiz screen, either in QuizWitz, via a screenshare, via a live stream or in a big room with lots of players or teams.

When you click 'Play', a quiz game opens. Select Start and then choose Party Game. Now each player takes their tablet or smartphone and follows the instructions shown on the screen. When everyone is ready, click 'Start quiz' and them will start. Good luck!

QuizWitz start screen QuizWitz start screen party QuizWitz connect screen

After the game

Don't forget to rate the Round-About at the end of the game.

Rate Round-Abouts when the game is done