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Conference booth

This tutorial will show you how to use QuizWitz at a conference booth.

A photo of a Marvel conference booth using QuizWitz

Creating the Quiz

When creating a quiz for a conference booth, it is good to keep in mind that some players will stick around for a couple of games. That is why it is important to make sure you have enough content to entertain players, ie: enough questions that are randomly selected to make sure that every game is unique.

In our experience, a game of 15 questions split up in 3 rounds is ideal for conference booths. To have some variety in the questions, you should provide 3 times that; but preferably even more.

Create the Quiz

  • Choose 'Quiz' in the 'Create' model and give your quiz a name. Make sure that the language is set correctly
  • Create 3 rounds and give them a name (ie: Round 1, Round 2, Round 3)
  • In the 'Round settings' (little cog icon on the right), set the 'Only show x questions' flag and set the amount of questions to 5. Also set the 'Random question order' flag, otherwise the game will always select the first 5 questions. Repeat this for every round in the quiz.

A photo of a Marvel conference booth using QuizWitz


Use lots of images and video fragments! It really makes the game more entertaining.

Random question selection

Every time the quiz runs, the game will now select 5 questions from each round. The game will make sure that the questions are distributed equally, so that questions are not repeated too soon.

Launch the Quiz

The easiest way to launch the quiz now is to click 'Play quiz' and select 'Start Conference Mode'. This will start the game in the default conference mode: players connect their phones to the website displayed on the screen; the booth host presses Enter when everyone is ready and the game players automatically. Once the game is over, the host presses enter again and the game goes back to the connecting stage.

Advanced game options

If you want to make a few more tweaks to how the game works, you can select 'Advanced game options' and select 'Conference mode' in the selectbox at the top. The system will then create a unique link that contains all options you have selected.

An especially interesting option is the 'Ask players email' checkbox, as this can be used to collect the email address of your booth visitors. Please do make sure to set a 'Privacy Policy URL' when selecting 'Ask players email'.

Launching a game through the 'Advanced game options' URL is pretty much the same as starting it from the editor, except that you will have to Login at the start of the first game, to get access to your content and check your licenses.

A screenshot of the advanced game settings


Please follow our Theming guide to change how the game looks.