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QuizWitz PRO - Startup

Hosting a quiz with QuizWitz PRO

The first requirement for a proper QuizWitz live event is an entertaining quizmaster who controls the game. They are responsible for the flow of the game and can add that extra layer of sparkle on top of your event! They are in full control of the game and will read the questions before they are answered by the players.

To be a true quizmaster, you can use our Quizmaster App. ‘QuizWitz PRO’ can be launched from the quiz editor. Click ‘Start QuizWitz PRO’.


For the best quiz experience, you will need:

  • A (large) screen or projection of the main game screen visible to all players, or a livestream accessible to all players.
  • A tablet/laptop for the quizmaster to read the script and questions out loud. This device will be used to control the pacing of the game.
  • A laptop/tablet for the jury members to evaluate answers to open questions, if there are any in the quiz.
  • Each player or team needs a smartphone/tablet (or any smart device) to submit their answers.

If your quiz contains open answer questions, you will need a jury. The Quizmaster can do this, but will need an extra device to do so. We believe the experience is better when the Quizmaster can focus on presentation, and one or more jury members evaluate the open answer questions.

When you're all setup, go to the next page to start the game.